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Jenni Waldrop

Subscriber Tribe

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Jenni Waldrop

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What We Do Here

Welcome to the Community for the Subscriber Tribe.
This is your very own, *EXCLUSIVE* Etsy support spot. Here's what we do here:

✔ This is a buzzing place where you can get shop critiques and extra eyes on your storefront!

✔ Ask questions and get feedback from professional sellers

✔ Share your latest projects and business wins

✔ Take LIVE Etsy workshops, attend events, and learn when YOU want

✔ Chat with other sellers just like YOU

Why You Should Join Me

If you're EXACTLY like me, and making decisions makes you want to set fire to modern civilization...

Well then this is the place where you can get major BACK UP! This group is here to help you figure out how to run that Etsy biz of yours.

We can tell you what to do next, how to fix problems, and give you a place to chat with people who actually KNOW what you're talking about!

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